TCM Practitioner

As a TCM practitioner of 17 years I was really impressed with Rama and how effectively she diagnosed me and gave me herbs that really helped me within a short amount of time even with a chronic condition. I received much care and support and even recommend my patients to go see Rama.

– (via Google Review)

Sports injury

For several years, I’ve struggled daily with chronic pain in my right knee and foot, a lingering reminder of an old sports injury. The constant discomfort made it difficult to enjoy my favorite activities, and I often relied on medications to make it through the day. That was my reality until I met Rama.

In just four sessions, Rama has not only alleviated my pain but has also significantly improved my sleep patterns and stress management. Her approach goes beyond mere physical therapy; it is a comprehensive treatment that addresses pain at its source and promotes overall well-being.

Thanks to Rama’s expertise, I no longer need medication and have joyfully returned to hiking and biking—activities I thought I had to give up. Rama provides a professional, caring, and calming atmosphere that makes every session a rejuvenating experience.

I am immensely thankful for Rama’s help and would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from chronic pain. Her treatment can truly transform your life.

Thank you, Rama!

-(via Google Review)

Apprehensive of Acupuncture

I have been apprehensive of Acupuncture treatment but with relentless pain going down my foot from sciatica, i relented to try something new. Rama was extremely patient and put my fears right away. She was excellent and provided great care for me and within few weeks i have started to feel better. I highly recommend Rama for great care and attention to detail and ability ultimately help patients be pain free !!

– (via Google Review)

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